Tuesday, May 7, 2013

2013 Met Costume Gala

This year's theme for the Met Red Carpet Gala is in honor of their latest exhibit: "Punk: Chaos to Couture".

Fiercer and bolder celebrities like Jessica Alba, in Tory Burch, looks absolutely stunning and Anne Hathaway whose named the most influential film haircut of all time walked the red carpet with her new blond hair.
Jessica Alba
Anne Hathaway

Every year, this benefit event was held with different theme, last year is focused on honoring Prada and Schiaparelli, where celebrities and famous people in fashion showed up wearing different haute couture .
Anna Wintour
Wintour is the chairman of the event, and I personally think that she has the prerogative to invite celebrities or not. Having said that, it is known that Kim Kardashian was banned to attend the 2012 Met Gala and she attended this year with her boy friend Kanye West. They alllegedly had dinner with Wintour at her place in New York, few days before the event.

Each guests on the event needs to pay $25,000 worth of the ticket (this is based last year). With this amount of money, most people asks where does the proceeds of the event goes? Nancy Chilton - the adviser to the costume institute said "This fund-raising event is The Costume Institute’s main source of annual funding for exhibitions, acquisitions and capital improvements."
It was another successful event, and it is for a good cause. :) 

Have you seen the images on the Gala? Whose your favorite celebrity?


 Image source: Vogue, popsugar


  1. Hi Cristina, lovely post. I like a lot Jessica Alba, she is so beautiful.
    I'm following you on google plus, please follow me back so we can stay in touch.
    Dusana :-)


    1. Hi Dusana, I also like Jessica Alba - beautiful and sexy! Thank you so much for dropping by and yes I already followed you back! Keep in touch! ;-)


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