Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The 66th Red Carpet Celebration of Cannes Film Festival!

Movies + Fashion = Cannes Film Festival!
When we heard or talk about Cannes, first thing that comes into someones mind are great movies - well directed/acted and state of the art. But we also know that fashionable outfits will bombard the red carpet! ;)
The said event started last May 15 and will end on the 26th. Day 1 is the sccreening of  Baz Luhrmann's  Great Gatsby.
Leonardo Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire
Carey Mulligan and Justine Timberlake

I was happy and proud at the same time to blog about this since there are 2 Filipino directors who were chosen to be part of the event. One of the director is Sir Adolfo Borinaga Alix Jr., he attended the event along with Mr. Zanjoe Marudo, Carlo Aquino, and Jason Abalos (Actors) for the film "Bataan Death March". I can personally say that he is indeed a wonderful and brilliant director for I already seen most of his films like, Kadin, Batanes, Nars and my favorite one - Adela.
I met sir Alix once at our school - Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila where he also took mass communication. ;)
The movie premieres today:  "DEATH MARCH premiere in Cannes. It was a difficult but sweet journey for the film. To God be the glory! Thank you to the passionate team who worked on the film. ;)" - Adolfo Borinaga Alix Jr.

The other Filipino Director who made it to the Cannes Festival is  Sir Lav Diaz’s Norte, Hangganan ng Kasaysayan ( Norte, the End of History).” both movies were under art house and experimental films category.
Here are some more of the beautiful dresses wore by different actresses! ;)
Beautiful Emma Watson
The sexy Eva Longoria
It was heart warming to know that Filipino Movies are being recognized not only here in the Philippines but
also around the world. And I am proud to say that Filipino directors and actors can also do a magnificent film that is worth screening around the world! ;) Kudos to all the directors and actors who made it to Cannes!

Have you seen any of the movies being screened at the 66th Cannes Film Festival?




  1. good job to Sir Lav Diaz, I don't really know that movie but I'm curious to see it! I like Carey Mulligan dress too! :)


  2. Eva Longoria! waa! thank you for your comment on my blog by the way :)

    Thirdbite | style blog

  3. @Kt: Same here I want to see both movies, hihi

    @Verna: I know the ever beautiful and sexy Eva Longoria. hihi
    Thanks for dropping by too. ;)

  4. thanks for stopping by my blog! emma watson always looks stunning!

    it's also kind of nice to see more asian films breaking into the cannes film festival.

  5. Very cool! Everyone looks so lovely :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE Emma Watson! She is my favorite :)


  6. @Maggie: The pleasure is mine. Thank you so much for stopping by too. ;)
    And yes, it was heart warming to see Asian films in Cannes.

    @Minda: I love Emma Watson too. Now I'm wondering if the news about her having the role of Anastasia Steel on the ground breaking book Fifty Shades of Grey is true. (Wondering..)

  7. I love Carey Mulligan!!! Stunning.

    I'm following you back now :)

    <3 Emi


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