Saturday, April 20, 2013

Les Miserables - Dress Version

I have watched Les Miserables for the nth time and I wouldn't mind watching it all over again. :)

The entire story moved me, Hugh Jackman's part was exemplary especially the part in which he is talking to God at the Church after he was caught taking the silvers. When Fantine sang the "I dream a dream", I find myself crying along with her. I felt the pain she felt and my sympathy goes to her. And then my heart broke when Eponine sang "On my own". It must have been really hard to love someone whose heart belongs to somebody. And from my point of view, the love she felt for Marius was unconditional. I savor each moment and I find my self falling in love with the movie again and again.

I like how the story revolves from each and everyone from the main characters to the least. And of course I also noticed the dresses they (actresses) wore.
Fantine, Eponine and Cosette's dresses are plain and simple but look at the way they wear it, it really makes a huge difference!

Fantine's Dress
Anne Hathaway really looks remarkable in the image below. The dress suits her character as one who is determined to do anything for her child and yet the color symbolizes the soft part of Fantine.
Image Source: cozmiclove

Eponine's Dress
Who would have thought that at first glance this is a dress? No offensement, I thought it looks like a rag. But Samantha Barks gave justice to this, and God she look stunning, as you can see in the image below:
 Image source: digitalspy
Cosette's Dress
What else can I say? Amanda Seyfried really know how to look gorgeous to whatever she wear and what I like the most is the cap she's wearing. (Is it an ascot cap? Not really sure.)
 Image Source: turntherightcorner

At the end of the day, it is not the dress who makes you look good, it is you who makes the dress looks good on you. ;)
Have you seen Les Miserables? What can you say about the movie and the dresses?

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