Friday, April 26, 2013

Summer Lovin' Inspiration

What comes into your mind when you hear the words, sun-kissed, ocean breeze, beaches?
Summer! (Yes you are right!)  It is once again the time of the year where you can flaunt your bikinis/swimsuits which stayed on your closet the whole year! ;p Wasn't it just yesterday when you enjoyed building sand castles with your friends and love ones? When you enjoyed holding your smores on a stick over the fire until roasted and playing truth or dare with your friends in front of a bonfire? Time flies so fast and its summer once again. Below you'll find some summer outfits, and must have things when you're in a beach. :)
Summer Outfits

Summer Must Haves
Sun Glasses to protect your eyes from sun's harmful rays.
Fashionable hats to protect your hair from the sun.
Don't forget your sunblock, you might want to get tan but not burned. ;)
Image Source: school.discoveryeducation
First Aid Kit is a must! This applies not only when you're on the beach but wherever you are. You must at least have some paracetamol, alcohol and band aids.
And lastly, don't forget your camera's! You don't want to miss the chance of capturing the beautiful scenery as well as the happy things that you and your family will be doing. Whatever your plans this summer, wherever you will go, be safe and cherish every moment! ;)

These are my Summer Lovin' Inspiration. What's yours? 


Images from Polyvore


  1. First aid kit is such a great idea, I need to put one in the car!

    1. I agree, it's the most important thing to have anywhere you are. ;)


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