Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Chicken and Beer at BBQ Chicken Eastwood!

Last Friday night, Ryan and I had our midnight snack at BBQ Chicken. He wanted to have some beer while I on the other hand wanted to eat chicken.
Image from bbq chicken
 Then we saw this(^), and we thought that it was perfect since it caters what we need exactly.
The place is located along with BigOli, Prince of Persia, and Jack's Loft.
The chairs and tables were located at the second floor, you have the choice to choose if you would like to settle on the veranda or inside the restaurant. We decided to settle on the veranda.
View from the veranda.
Chairs and table along the veranda.
You can also watch NBA while eating. ;)
Ryan ordered one 500 ml beer mug for himself, while on the other hand I ordered Nacho and Hot Wings and Smoked Chicken Pizza for us.
The Menu.
Ryan's 500ml beer.

This is superb! Their home made salsa is the best! The chicken on the other hand is literally hot, hotter than the usual "hot" chicken that I usually had from different restaurants, but it taste really good. ;) This is a must try especially to those who love spicy food. But beware if you are not into it, better yet try the original chicken instead. ;)
We enjoyed this a lot! The chicken taste like bacon, hihi.  And as you can see it was oozing with mozzarella...
Ryan enjoyed it a lot that he manage to  eat 6 slices! -.- While on the other hand my plate looks like this:
Nah! Who am I kidding? hahaha I had 2 slices of pizza and 2 chicken wings. ;) Ryan had two 500 ml beer and one 350ml in total. If you're wondering if I also had my own beer, the answer is no, I don't drink, well not beer I tend to have some rashes if I do try to drink even a little, so I just had water. ;)
We enjoyed the night, the food as well as the service, the waitresses are all accommodating and have such a friendly smile. ;) So I suggest you try it soon. ;)

Check out their website here:
Address: Unit G1C, Second Floor, Citywalk 1, Eastwood City

Have you been to BBQ Chicken? Did you enjoy your stay?



  1. it all looks very good ^^


  2. interested in following each other via GFC and facebook?

  3. It looks delicious!

    Thank you for your comments on my blog!
    I follow you in GFC and Bloglovin back.

    Best wishes,

  4. You should get Saisho's feeback too coz he celebrated his bday there w/o inviting us. :p

    KT of

  5. everything looks so good!!!
    haha I would gain like 15 pounds if I was around all that food since I can eat so much =D

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  7. Great post. I love smoking and grilling, I don't think anything tastes better than ribs that have been sitting in a smoker for several hours! I just bought a 2 in one smoker/grill, but I'm having trouble finding gas grill covers for it. Has anyone successfully found a cover big enough for one of these?


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