Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Father's Day Gift Ideas!

Daddy, Dad, Papa, Tatay, Itay whatever you call your dad, let me just say advance Happy Father's Day to them! 
I know, I know, my greetings is too early. But the reason behind this is I wanted to give you some ideas on what to give your Father on their special day.
Are you having a hard time thinking of a special gift for your dad? You know your father well more than anyone else, surely you'll think of a wonderful gift for him to cherish this Sunday - Father's Day.
But let me give you some ideas that your Father might like. ;)

If your dad works in a corporate world, then maybe a black tie will do?
You can choose any color of course, as for me I like black better. ;)

If your dad on the on the other hand loves to play games like highway rider, temple run or even candy crush and you have the budget, why don't you buy him an ipod or tablet. It does not necessarily be brand new, for sure you'll find a great deal out there that is acceptable within your budget. ;)
You can also buy him wallet or watch, or maybe both? ;) Like the one I gave my Tatay last month. I assure you your dad will surely love it, as much as my tatay did. ;)
Be sure to put a coin or any amount of money on the wallet before giving it to your dad. We believe that by doing that the wallet will never run out of money. ;)
If he loves to eat, and would like to celebrate the day with your whole family, then there are a lot of restaurants to choose from! ;)
Restaurants serving breakfast (If you wish to have breakfast together ;) ): 
Something Fishy for 120 to 150 pesos or approximately 3 to 4 dollars you'll be able to eat pretty much whatever you like for it's an eat all you can restaurant. ;)
Slappy Cakes: This is still new and is only located in Eastwood. You'll definitely enjoy cooking your own pancakes. ;)
Ihop: This is located in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) and is also serving several delightful breakfast dishes like pancakes, eggs benedict and all.
Kanto Freestyle: This is for me is the most interesting one, this is located in Mandaluyong and this is more on a karinderia style or Diners to other countries. They also serve whatever the above restaurants offer but with a very affordable price! ;) Now that's a great find!

And lastly, the sweetest as well as the best kind of gift that you can give your father is hugging him tight, a kiss on the cheek, and saying I love you dad! I can assure you that you already made his day. ;)
You can also add your personalize card. ;) I used to make one when I was a kid, and I made it colorful! hihi
First, I colored the bond paper with different colors using crayons suck like this:
I just made this using paint just to give you an idea on how it will look like.
You can put any colors with no particular shape. And then I colored the entire bond (which is previously colored with several colors of your choice) with black. such like this:
Again I made this using paint for your reference. ;)
So it will look like this one, then you just have to get the cap of a pen, then start writing your message. ;)
The reason I asked you to use the cap of the pen instead of the pen itself is for you to scoop out the crayons to show the colors you originally put on the paper. It will look something like this one:
Yours will look much better, hihi I just made this using paint. hihi
I hope I was able to give you some ideas on what to give your dad this Sunday. ;) Whatever it is don't forget to tell them how much you love them. ;) Again, Happy father's day to your dad! ;)

Do you already have a gift for your dad?



  1. Thanks for giving me ideas! Happy father's day to your daddy!

  2. Thanks for the ideas!

    Do check out for more


    will be posting more soon for father's day

  3. This are great ideas! I have no idea what to get my dad =(

    Corinne x

  4. ohh i like the idea of getting breakfast!!! We don't have any of those restaurants here (the only ihop we had closed) so i will be bringing him to Panara Bread!


  5. i can sense that you're a thoughtful daughter to your dad :) thanks for sharing this guide cristina

  6. Thank you so much for the wonderful comments. I am glad that I was able to help you with some ideas. ;)

  7. nice post ^^
    happy weekand :))


  8. thanks for the tips and ideas. :)

    christian | my blog : www.christianyuen.blogspot.com
    greetings from hong kong
    peace. x


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