Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tatay & Nanay's 25th Wedding Anniversary!

Our Mini Celebration! :)
Today, my parents are celebrating their 25 years of love, happiness and marriage!
Let me share how these two wonderful people did everything they can for me to be who I am and reached what I have now.

Being the only child, I saw how they both work hard just to send me to school. I saw how my mother manage to distribute every penny that my father provides weekly.
Allowance, apartment, food, emergency expenses, all these and more.

I saw how my father worked Mondays through Saturdays and sometimes including Sundays just to have enough money that we can use for the week. Every sweat and penny counts. I am proud of him, I am proud of them.

I never heard them fight about money. Maybe they do, but they made sure it's just between the two of them.
We did not came from a wealthy family but their love made our family the best family ever.

I finished college with a degree of Bachelor in Mass Communication. I saw how proud they are and from then on I promised my self that I will do everything for them.
Make them happy, provide them things we never had before, love them unconditionally.

I am sharing this to all, for you to appreciate your parents more. You see, they are doing everything they can just for you to have a wonderful future. I know because I am now living in a world where I can have almost have everything I need and sometimes it includes the things I want too.

I want the whole world to know that I love them so much and that I know all their sacrifices. I am so much blessed. God must have love me so much that he brought them in this world to be my parents. :)
        Happy Wedding Anniversary Tatay and Nanay! I am proud of you both. Cheers to forever love!



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