Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Where to Get the Best Western Food in Singapore

Singapore is a paradise for food lovers. The country is not only known to present the most delicious Asian cuisine for the weary traveller but western food in Singapore are also showcased in the most exquisite dishes prepared by both local and international chefs. When one hears about Western food, steak, burgers and fries immediately come to mind. Without further ado, here are the top places to get the tastiest and most memorable Western food in Singapore. 

CUT by Wolfgang Puck
The meat here is so good it has been steadily gaining a loyal following. CUT is one of the best steakhouses in Singapore that offer the most superb selection of cuts imported from the US, Japan and Australia. Their Bone in Rib Eye and Wagyu dishes are to die for. The restaurant even has a New York vibe going on.

db Bistro Moderne
Those who have visited and dined here will agree that db Bistro's signature db Burger is one of the best - if not the best - burger in town. Chef Daniel Boulud's burgers have become one of the most hyped and beloved burgers in Singapore. db burgers are made of an astounding 1.5-inch sirloin patty stuffed with braised short ribs and buttery foie gras. It's cooked to a perfect medium-rare which gives it its creamy texture. These burgers are served with crispy and fluffy fries and mustard, mayo and ketchup.

This is the place to be for those hearty weekend brunches with family and friends. Enjoy the mouth-watering Western comfort food here which are visited by customers who enjoy brunches over the much more formal setup of lunches. The restaurant serves a true American breakfast with their special Truffle Scrambled Eggs, Eggs Gloria and Goat's cheese spinach and mushrooms in the forefront. What Hummerstons is really famous for is their set breakfast of eggs (prepared how you like them), juicy smoked pork, garlic sausages, large crispy bacon strips, roasted mushrooms, grilled tomato and asparagus and toast. 

Salt Tapas & Bar
An authentic meal is not complete without finishing it off with a yummy dessert. Australian chef Luke Mangan’s  Salt Tapas & Bar is a fairly new establishment but already boasts an assortment of the most delectable desserts. It serves the perfect treat in the form of a sweet and tarty dessert of two caramelised figs served with a big slice of cinnamon-y baklava alongside a tart sorbet sprinkled with candied ginger and pistachios.  

One of the most well-loved Western side dish are French fries and Esquina prepares one of the tastiest in Singapore. Aside from serving their signature bone marrow with snails and ox-cheek oloroso, here tourists can order their bountiful heap of medium-cut Garlic fries with chorizo ketchup. The fries are cooked to a balance of crisp (on the outside) and fluffiness (on the inside) and seasoned with garlic salt and rosemary.

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  1. Aw, this post made me miss Singapore though I only stayed there for a few months.


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